Max Kinsler Rubin is a 12 year old Gymnast in Hollywood, Florida. Max is presently in 6th grade attending Attucks Middle School in Hollywood, Florida. Max trains at the TAG USA Gymnastics gym in Weston, Florida. Max has been engaged in Gymnastics since he was 4 years old. Max has one brother Zachary Rubin who plays Jr. Varsity Basketball for Hallandale High School. Max has 4 dogs that he cares for, Wally, JoJo, Harley and Roxy. Last summer Max had an opportunity to go to Costa Rica and compete. Max also attend the Atlantis Crown Invitational in the Bahamas last year. The 2016-2017 Gymnastics season is about to begin. Max is looking forward to being a level 8 Gymnast.  

Max’s Typical day is going to school and then to Gymnastic practice 6 days a week.  Additionally, Max trains as a Ninja Warrior at the Ninja Lounge in North Miami, FL.

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​​​Max the Gymnast

Zach Edward Rubin aka "Birdman" was born Hollywood, Florida. Zach is a 15 year old basketball player for Hallandale High School Jr. Varsity basketball team. Zach played for Attucks Middle School Basketball Team for all 3 years while attending middle school. Zach has a younger brother Max who is a competitive Gymnast. 

Zach has been playing basketball since he was 6 years old. He started his basketball training at the YMCA in Hollywood, Florida where he participated in the YMCA Travel team for 3 years.  

In the off season Zach participates in Track and Cross Country for Hallandale High School. Zach has been participating with Track and Field and Cross Country for the past 3 years. Sports are Zachary's passion. 

Zach remains a straight (A) student for Hallandale High School. Zach received an award last year as a Scholard Athlete for boys in the 8th grade. 

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Congratulations Zach for making the Jr. Varsity Basketball Team 2016-2017 season for Hallandale High School.

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